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Head of the safety and security transportation evaluation national team ( Timnas EKKT ), Chappy Hakim called for an immediate action in cleaning bribery practices from the national airline industry. The practices tolerated violating rules and regulations which among others contributed to accidents as the outcome.

" The cleaning action should immediately executed now as regulations should be abide with no tolerances. Therefore bribery practices which lead to accidents as the result, should be wipe off from the industry ", stressed Chappy Hakim.

The former Air Force Chief, ( ret ) Marshal Chappy Hakim made the statement during a round-table discussion held in Jakarta Aug. 14, attended by Transportation Minister Jusman Sjafii Djamal, former Air Force Chief Saleh Basarah as Air Power Center of Indonesia's chairman, the operators and regulators.

Chappy Hakim further stressed, EKKT would include cleaning bribery practices in its further recommendations on safety and security issue to the President. The practices occurred among others in the process of acquiring permits such as operation permit, route permit, in importing and registering aircraft.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhyono has extended Timnas EKKT activities formed in Jan. 18, 2007 after an AdamAir's Boeing 737-400 lost in the sea of Sulawesi Strait, to end of October.

" Our main focus now is assisting the government in recovering international trust in the transportation industry, especially on air transportation sector. The team will also monitor the implementation of the transportation ministry's zero accident program, beside giving in-put to the government ", explained Chappy Hakim who headed an Indonesian delegation team to Brussels to meet European Union Commission Aug. 29 relating to the July 6 EU ban on Indonesian airlines.

On the bribery issue, air transportation director general Budhi Maulana Suyitno during the discussion challenged the operators to name persons who had received bribes. "Please report to me, should my staffs ask for envelopes. Don't hesitate. I will take immediate action on the persons," he added. Envelopes normal were used as media in giving and receiving a sum of money or checks in the practices

Unfortunately, none of the operators produced names during the occasion. Budhi Suyitno breaking the silent further said, " Internal stream-lining is underway and it is not easy to wipe off bribery practices. But should I find proofs my staff(s) received bribes, they will be given strict punishment ", Budhi Suyitno stated.

He reminded, operators also contributed to the practices and asked them to end it by not giving no bribe envelopes any more. The practices flourished fast since the Transportation Ministry deregulated the industry in 1999. The amount varied from Rp 2 to Rp 3 billion (approximately US$200.000 to Rp US$300.000) for acquiring an AOC ( air operator certificate ).

Daily Kompas sources said, for new lucrative route such as Jakarta-Surabaya, the amount could reached Rp 500 million ( US$50.000 ).Lean route linking Jakarta with Papua for an example, around Rp 50 million ( US$5.000 ).

Bribes are also common practices in the Ministry of Trade, in the aviation sector, for importing the aircraft to the country.

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